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Arcadian Beauty

Hannah Lipper '15

She is substance;
Arcadian beauty, or so she is told;

and under once cerulean,
now sometimes grey,
she lost two years of her life
in what her lovers may refer to as

a boating accident.

But she had never been on a boat where she didn’t deposit
her stomach into the sea and return ashore and she
had never spent a morning doing the same.

No, it had been
some ugly Greek God that had stolen
these years and I know she looks to replace them.

She says she wants to remember what films she loved
and what she built out of blocks with her hands;
Falling Water, perhaps;
or some

masterpiece unknown to the world because it had been
sold to pay for her health; organ market.

And suspicion never grew because of her ingenuity.

She has different voices for different days. She is
over-zealous, flat-chested, half minority.

Published by: in Poetry, Volume 69, Volume 69: Issue 2

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