May 2014 - Comments Off on Architectural Assimilation

Architectural Assimilation

Jeremy Geragotelis '16

When we kiss on the projected
Video screen of my dreams,
You taste like //Louis Vuitton// leather –
Built to last as
The bags that all
Real Japanese men carry.

I am not so lucky
To be
So chic. Country masquerading in:
Purple, Red, Green, and Silver (constructed by washing),
I pour into my foundation concrete lies.

Doors separate us
And facades paralyze us.
It is all rounded out to be
Like landscaping in the desert.

But on the video screen,
You don’t mind that my fashion is
A shack
To your
Because we are at a Sox game
And eating franks.

Published by: in Issue 2: Spring 2014, Volume 70

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