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Elana Mendelsohn


An ice cream truck stuck in traffic the driver starting to get anxious no bored going home to a household plagued by white noise or is that a different household a different driver on their way home to a household plagued by white noise whose sound bustles up the stairs paint chipped stairs to a door that is kept open to hear the white noise bustling up the stairs through the open door with a lock but isn’t lockable into a room of large furniture nothing but large furniture corners filled by the furniture with drawers that stick but whose wood smells good and reminds them of another room with furniture and shoes shoes on the floor a suggestion of how they were taken off one in front of the other back stepping out one in front of the other toes touching heels toes touching heels

( on a floor scuffed by large furniture )

Published by: in Issue 2: Spring 2016, Prose, Volume 72

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