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Elizabeth Causey


baby i think I'm going crazy
this summer wine really got me electrified
ate too many sweet strawberries
now I'm shaking my ass while tickling the ivories

i'm the best damn dancer in this ding dang place
i'm simply strictly the most flim-flam joke man
might as well just lock yourself in a tower
see how long it takes me to rescue you

in 5 4 3 2

just walk yourself to the nearest vacant restroom
and lick my shoes
is that really what you want me to do?
would I have said it if it wasn't true?

you are so elegant
you are so intelligent
i am the luckiest boy in the room

every shee in scotland
wants to kiss my tits
cause I've been playing hard to get
while sweating in this red velvet

you're the best damn elephant in this three ring circus
you keep me doing backflips all the time
spent so long just trying to ignore you

baby can i ask a tiny favor
can you get down to the sound of my personal procession
all these trumpets always follow me
freaking out on this funky chessboard, they just want a piece

you should let me wrap you up in silk
and put you in a match box
i just wanna give you your first haircut
i just wanna transform you into a pool cue
and rub blue chalk all over you

you are so elegant
you are so intelligent
i am the luckiest boy in the room

I'm so grateful to you
for swooping up and putting me back on my pedestal
took a horrible tumble
and wound up in the depths of distant desolee

its getting too hot in here to pretend we aren't turned on
everybody else is absolutely coco loco
everybody else is just rolling their eyeballs
and kissing their best friend's enemy

that's why you're my favorite piece of paper
that's why i keep you in my chest of drawers
understand the essence of what it means to be
a pretty piece of something insignificant

this whole affair has really twisted my sense of what's acceptable
my own body's the only thing i find desirable
it would be cool to get ground up into fine powder
and sold as medicine

but you can have me in crystal form

Published by: in Issue 1 : Fall 2016, Poetry, Volume 73

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