May 2014 - Comments Off on FACE OF SPADES


Sumedh Chatterjee

LOOK the hum from the radiator

is on overdrive

so the whir spun

noises yawn and speak fluent

gibberish – poker-faced. Why just

LOOK at how the curtains blush in the

corner digging into the other rooms

socket like a sesame pool ball

that’s been pinched and

the ink from it carpets

the entire living room. Furthermore,

LOOK the man wants to gamble

and he slots his cards

in his goldfish bowl

hoping to win his money

back – in retrospect,

LOOK at how the cards dance and has

a better chance joining

a card fraternity

where his ludomaniac brotherhood

haze him to be more than

an ace of spades

but a king

LOOK at how the man foolishly drains

his wallet with his credit cards

LOOK at how women use him for that

same wallet

LOOK at his Facebook profile

without a single profile picture

LOOK at his score on Poker Pals

LOOK at how his roots dry up

as he pays the valet

LOOK at how he consumes pokerchips

how he crunches them with his bottom teeth

and dignity spills

LOOK at how rushed he is

losing control

with a 0% chance

biting down his Macanudo cigar

He must bailout.

The goldfish smirks.

Published by: in Issue 2: Spring 2014, Volume 70

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