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Farmer’s Almanac

Sara Judy '11

Farmer’s Almanac Part One

The wheat stalks come
toward the house like preachers
mutter and knock splinters off

front doors. The wind makes
sense of this place, searches
out the empty spaces to be filled.

I tell you: farms and fences
and preachers, all worn down.
The farmers plant trees to keep the soil

from blowing off the ground.
The thin and dark trees:

hair grown in tight lines
on earth’s long, brown back.

Farmer's Almanac Part Two

It is this way:
yellow and white
crops, dirt-wash

over everything else.
Grain silos are obsolete,
now is the time to

get a cosmetology
degree online or get a ride
to the strip malls

in the Magic City.
Behind me on the bus
a girl plucks her hair out.

One by one, leg by arm.
I wonder how she expects

to keep her skin
from blowing off her body.

About the Author: Sara Judy '11 studies literature. Her work is preoccupied with the Canadian prairie.

Published by: in Poetry, Volume 67: Issue 1

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