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Natalie Osborne '15


FEET are lying under a tree, resting after a rather wild night of revelry.

Feet are a pair of feet, which are probably attached to some legs, which are attached to a body, which is attached to a head, which all together combine to make a person.

None of that is important.

What is important is that feet are waking up, and finding out that they have lost their shoes.

Feet stumble around the tree, trying to find their shoes

They stubble around the lawn, they are very confused

Feet walk into their house


Feet look near the doorway, under the couch, under the bed, every nook and cranny of the house, but cannot find their shoes. Feet are now concerned.

Feet head back outside.


Feet are not used to walking around outside without their shoes.

Feet do not like having to walk around outside without their shoes.

They accidentally walk into some mud, get grossed out, and try to whip the mud of on the grass.

They accidentally walk into a puddle and kick the water in frustration before storming away.

They walk across some pavement which is very hot.

They walk across some rocks which feel very uncomfortable.

They try to remember exactly what they did the night before.

They “see” the trail going up to the mountain and remember.


Feet stomp up the dirt road.

They step on a pointy rock that hurts.

They jump over a stream.

They walk across some more rocks.

They try to avoid bark and pine needles and other strange things they have not walked on before.

Feet reach the top of the mountain. They are now tried and dirty.

There is evidence of a campfire and a party from the night before, but no shoes.

Feet take a rest near the end of the trail, enjoying the view.

Feet realize there are a lot of things they felt today that they had never felt before, because they always wore shoes.

Feet hesitantly walk across some pine needles, the needles are soft.

They go back down the trail.


Feet check out bark and ferns and other things they haven’t walk across before.

They take time feeling the different types of rocks.

They walk through the stream and realize the water feels nice.

They walk happily through the cool mud.


Feet head back towards the house.

They turn around and stand in the middle of the yard.

There, right in the dead center of the yard, are the shoes.


Feet run overjoyed towards the shoes.

They put them back on, but something doesn’t feel right. Feet can’t quite put there toe on what it is


Feet are woken up by Feet’s friends, who are banging at the door.

Feet open the front door.

All of Feet’s friends are wearing shoes.

Feet go to put on their shoes, then pause for a second.

Feet’s friends tap their toes impatiently.

Feet take a step outside without the shoes.

They feel the grass between their toes and run off.

Feet’s friends “shrug”, and run after them.


Published by: in Issue 1: Fall 2013, Prose, Volume 70

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