May 2015 - Comments Off on Georgieanna Richer

Georgieanna Richer

to Christian Skin

I want to hold you in my hands like soft mint lips
made for smashing on stone, with a glass kiss
from memory that bleeds green tears

I see through brown love cracks for eyes
that should be peeled out of their soft baby shells
and laid at the foot of your mountains as gifts
to be hung with the stars
and slide down your Christian skin sides.

More than broken violet petals or frozen pearls in blue suns twilight
I want to see a thin night sky that would hit the metal teeth of mountains
as it longed to touch their love cracked tops tops

and when the sky screamed out in shattered dust
stars would slip down the rocks to join their lovers again
for fear of ever being the crying pink bundles of sparked and fried veins

the stars would live in pools at the foot of the mounds
they are floating with their lovers there
all safe in haunted dirt lakes
lucky pink drip drop stars
always safe in reflection stature.

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