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Kathryn Henderson '15

first, swallow your hand. your teeth will scrape
along the back of it as it explores
the petals within your throat.

the neck strains. your mouth
will not fit around. your hand
hurts more than your gut.

you have heard that using a spoon
is effective. or a toothbrush
but you are full of hand.

the throat is the place that remembers. when you sing
it opens its flesh flower. how
wet is the melody

that comes rising over the close.
can you hear the gurgling
of your gullet? can you

taste everything that was?
the throat is the place that remembers,
the gorge, the deep narrow valley.

sound laps at its edges
but you are full of hand.


Published by: in Issue 1: Fall 2013, Poetry, Volume 70

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