December 2012 - Comments Off on Honey


Hannah Lipper '15

Honey –
I do not care if all you are is
the vomit of bees – I love you all the same.

I don’t mind the way you cling to me – because of a
power complex or my childhood.
I don’t mind the way

you glow, even without a sticky
bun in the oven

And sugar,
I’ve watched you glide into necessity like gold
beaten to a pulp within sweet juice.

you are sour at times when mixed with whole wheat
But I like that side to you.

And when you melt atop my skin
I never wash you away.

My love,
I don’t mind that you have no love to give me
because I find some way to take it.

I tap trees to find you and I never disturb
the loggers or the bees.

I squeeze out the last drops of summer
and things are soon reborn.

I loosen the belt of my pants
to make room for
what you reap.

Published by: in Poetry, Volume 69: Issue 1

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