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how to be a leopard slug

Katie Foster '15

first grow some jelly from inside your skin
then push it out in threads and make a rope
use this rope to ooze your way up a tree
(think of bark hard against your soft small self)
choose a mate you really want to fuck
they will make the hard bark hurt go away
say their name ten times out loud (in slug)
this will surely get their jelly going
now take your rope and touch it to theirs
and now it will feel super super good
fall from tree together held by slimy rope
dangle fucking in mid-air, something else
begins to grow: glowing blue blooms from inside
bodies, blue, you’re blue, everything is so pretty
you’ve fucked a jungle lamp into being
you’ve come, you’re falling, inelegant end
hit the ground in a bed of fallen leaves
carry your rope behind you, hear it squish
girl slug in love is girl slug undone

Published by: in Issue 2: Spring 2014, Volume 70

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