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The Editors

The Silo Team

Luci Arbus-Scandiffio '20
Literature Editor-in-Chief
Narcissa Hodzic '20
Visual Arts Editor-in-Chief
Emily Hinojosa '20
Communications/Design/Events Coordinator
Emma Bushmann '20
Fiction/Poetry Editor

Spring 2016 Selection Committee

Janie Radler

Phoebe Jordan

Franci Revel

Rosie Nalle

Marina Szende

Bennie Ritsch

Sadie Heisler

MaryAlice Stewart

Kevin Costello

Cole Hersey

Rosie Nalle

Fae Blackmer

Taylor Jones

Ruby Lavin

Sundara Ziegler

Martin Feld

Jenna Brewer

Lily Moore

Lily Wujek

Sandy Bluth

Joely Barber

Julia Herrera


If you are interested in working with Silo as a submissions reader please drop us a line at