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Isabella Casey

Breakfast Potatoes

I know what breakfast potatoes are!
I love breakfast potatoes.
Breakfast potatoes are my lifeblood.
I will hire two assistants: breakfast & potato.
And everyone will love them!

Especially me!
And I will marry a breakfast potato.
Inside of a breakfast potato!
My priest will be
Padre Pio! And I will call him Papas.
Papas are potatoes
In Spanish! And there will be
Stigmata! All over the potatoes!
And he will despise

Breakfast Potatoes.
Nobody is jealous of the bride!
I like them big.
I, too, am big, burnt, & thick.
I taste like heaven!

I am a majestic breakfast potato.
Bake me in an oven!
Like Hansel & Gretel!
Eat me for lunch, dinner, dessert.
Makes me cry.
So does Padre Pio.
Like a baby!
I will give birth to a breakfast potato.
I will fry up latkes in my womb.
I will eat my young.
It will take courage.
It will take courage.

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