December 2016 - Comments Off on Jacquelyn Alpine

Jacquelyn Alpine

Time is a Woman

time is a woman who will love you and leave you     asking
where exactly do you not want me      forget that    look i am
building us a new nest              why don't you crawl inside it
look i am running     i am running so quickly       you won’t
believe it        i am making all kinds of appointments     i am
regarding the calendar & buying pillowcases at walmart look
i am an earthworm who will   not take for granted the strange
looks the ripening peppers have been giving me      look i am
thinking figuratively       i have forgotten how worms breathe
i know i can be so forgetful    sometimes    i feel like a mother
who velcros her pills to the wall    look i am practicing holding
this bag of cereal just like a real baby     look i am treating my
ailments like guests     you are a guest    in my nest
why won’t you live in it

Published by: in Issue 1 : Fall 2016, Poetry, Volume 73

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