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Julia Herrera


Outside five kids are yelling about Pop Rocks
on Sunday Morning after eating candy corn
for the first time in years I kind of like the taste of chalk
I don't think I'll eat it again not even on Halloween
I want to be something fun like a mop or a dog
What's it like to never have to wipe your butt

None of my panties fit me right they always go up my butt
I haven't been small since I liked Pop Rocks
when I was five and pretended to ride my dog
like a horse and under the table I'd sneak him corn
dressed up like a murdered bride on Halloween
I hid him from the kids while eating candy chalk

but candy can't make sidewalk murals like my chalk
sitting alone with my dog while he tried to sniff my butt
When Mom came home we made popcorn and watched Halloweentown
Mom once told me a scary story about Pop Rocks
disguising drugs that's why you don't eat opened candy corn
that's why my only friend is my dog

I was eighteen when I wasn't there to bury my dog
I came home and made him a plaque written with chalk
I bet it tasted sad like candy corn
He'll never come back to sniff my butt
To keep the flies away we piled rocks
over his grave but it wasn't fun like Halloween

For three years in a row I was a witch for Halloween
This was until I was three I didn't have a dog
This was back when I hid Warheads and threw rocks
towards blank walls back when I loved chalk
drawing hearts and square bodies back when I had a small butt
when Mom wouldn't let me eat candy corn

I have no passion for candy corn
I always went for Twix on Halloween
I guess now I'd worry about it going to my butt
I guess now I really miss my dead dog
watching me draw pointy-headed people in chalk
I'm still afraid of Pop Rocks

I wish I was a happy corn-munching dog
fleeing Halloween and leaving tracks in chalk
biting the butts of men who sell Pop Rocks

Published by: in Issue 1: Fall 2015, Poetry, Volume 72

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