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Julia Wohlstetter

Why Drive

The metro is faster anyways
he says until		sweating stuck
on the 		south-bound 4	everyone’s
melting into 	each-other’s 	lap.

I drink, 		we drink to		be funnier
to reappear 

& I start telling him about the 	Villa of Mysteries 
oranges		red and purple walls	 	corpse flowers everywhere 
orgies 	& sacrifices,	
rituals of initiation now a
	ruin	under	ash. 	I see

holding a mirror to a young woman
while a horse 		plays the lyre 

or so I imagine.	

I say
I’d like to think there is a place where
everything could 
exist	simultaneously.

is not colored by these visions,

& unlacing his shoes 

 only says

		this	will	be	bad	for	you.
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