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Katie Hibner

Nicholas Cage


(Interview with The Guardian, 2013)

Oh my god.

I just can't keep up with the affection

loaded with irony.


I'm at this point where I don't want to act.

It's about trying to be a naked,

marvelous, magnificent classical composer.

Extremely modest.


I was this little projector—

play it in the house.

All watch and have nightmares.

Refuse to go on any kind of medication.


I was the lesser celebrity?

Well, celebrity is a creative expression.

I got caught up in that bubble that exploded.

I thought it was real. I believed in all that magic.


I was still trying to live in a big splash with Cher.

Some folks in the media think that we're not in on the joke.

I love it.


I’m a Doberman; let the dog work—

I can't get used up.

I am open to the world.



Published by: in Issue 1: Fall 2015, Poetry, Volume 72

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