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Keats Probably Masturbated, Too

Jeremy Geragotelis '16

You sing a-a-a-a
Ode on a Grecian Urn.
Placing music on the pages of my high school text book.  It sizzles.
\                                                                                                and you’re choking\
On that fat one you just swallowed.  Recluse.
What it means to be lonely.  What does it mean to be lonely?

It means that fat one you just swallowed whole comes only in the nightmares
That ooze from the plastered ceiling of your parent’s basement
(Where you .sleep.).
And you don’t know that when I drive home every Wednesday night with X, Y, and Z in the
That all I do is talk about my love for you
(Platonic but .Not At All.).
And I bet you’re starting to realize you aren’t choking on a dick but on your own SOCIAL
inadequacies and
That you stop talking because you gag every time you open your mouth.
(Learn to take a compliment .baby.).

You’re waking up to shut it down.
Forget you have no one to tell your nightmares to.
Fall back to sleep.
Unknowing that 99% of the world is dreaming of you.

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