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Kevin Costello

Dear [       ]       I miss you
You are funny and warm
full of light like a rich falsetto
rolling your ohs your ahs           You make
my pen move               Just kidding
This is an email but I still love you
Your name is Fanny B in my cellphone
Our conversations are neon pink and lively
We laugh          we make the time
great     Do you remember
that day on the boat      It was like summer
I didn’t know life could be so bouncy
Resting on the rails       My hair whip-slapping snake
-like     Our feet leather-bound
but touching
I told you look at that bleeding fish
over there         I’m that bleeding fish
over there         but that Me is a pretty Me
in a God-way               The color of the trail
red like cars and christblood
how it didn’t blame anybody
In the black eyeball of that dead fish is my body
looking at you              holding our gaze
in my hands     I’m that dead fish         over there
Looking at your hands and your veins bubbled
and thick          Dear [       ] you don’t understand
me when I get that silly But still
I wanted you to understand me [        ]
I told you (you looking at my fish-self)
that when our eyes touch its like
A five-headed fire groping for tree grass and body
saying help I am hurting I am burning
           Pulling knife threads out of wet green cactus meat
and putting each of them back
A mirror in mid-shatter glass on glass touching
itself in a shiny rain saying I’m glad to be
                       rid of my body but touching it knowing it felt
That was a good day. Dear [       ]
every morning (when
my pillows are cold) I look for you
in my inbox      You aren’t there
only pizza real estate low price high quality pharmaceutical pills
We should talk soon
Dear [       ] I miss you hard
I miss when you were soft for me          Your voice
like wind on strings      an A note looping around
Yes that’s how I feel                 Dear [       ] there is art
at our museum              The one we made ours
when we were breathing in sync I was
at our museum walking breathing and it was only us
on the walls only us only in pictures of    oil swirls of     together
This is an email              I will not send you
pictures of my body      Please understand
that I understand            that I sit on top
of your email lists         (your material commitments)
Dear [       ] I will write to you tomorrow
when I have tomorrow experiences
and I hope to hear from you soon
You are heavenly          like sweet bread
Anticipate my email thank you please

Sincerely, Sincerely Yours, For Today, For the [       ] Time,
Until Tomorrow, The Day After, Saturday, Sunday,
Until We Lose All This Foamy Language, Until
Your Picture Blurs and the Wind Goes Dull,
Until These Typing Bones Dry Stale, Sincerely,

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