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Layne Eckensberger

Divorce Speech

Forgiveness, I daresay
it would have come
if instead of the party flowers
or the lifetime supply of Forever
stamps you apologized with,
you gave me the thing I really
want, what I always wanted,
and never truly got, a field
of the delightful cross
of the Cortland and the ‘Lord
Lambourne,’ the Brigit Bonnier.
Of pleasant taste, the only
apple for those who don’t deal
in apple scab or mildew.
You would never understand,
you yourself scabrous and dewy,
this simple request, a request
which betrays a grateful spirit.
And you who would never attend
to my apple trees, given the opportunity,
you who would neglect them
until I was left without choice
and had to hack my dear field
down, then burn the field
until the forgotten seeds crackled.
You would make me do this
I have left you before you could.

Episode No. 1539, Season No. 7 

To David Bowie, in 1974, another word
for stolen is nicked. In the same year
he played 74 shows and did not want
to talk to Dick Cavett about his nerves.
—A lot of the glitter is gone that we associate
with you and you have got an entirely new person now…     
—No you haven’t

He has shrugged off his glitter, and later
he will shrug off even his jacket. We will
go on applauding. In 1974 he sung 1984
and would not remember the days in between

—Like a glass if an opera singer hits
a particular note the vibrations of that
hit the metabolism of the glass and crack it…
He would go on to explain black noise,
how for three or four dollars one could
purchase the patent in France. One
would simply need to be in France, with

three or four dollars. And, nervous,
Cavett wants to stop talking about this.
Can You Hear Me? was taped for the show
and the powers that were decided not to use it

Published by: in Issue 1 : Fall 2016, Poetry, Volume 73

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