December 2012 - Comments Off on Lovers


Allie Dunmire '15

Boy says why are you always so removed.
Girl says I’m trying to avoid that.
Boy says I’ve been trying to avoid you.
Girl says you should probably go now.
Boy says okay you’re right and then he goes.

Girl says I didn’t really want you to leave.
Boy says I think you need a new paint job.
Girl says you will never find better sex.
Boy says probably not and keeps going.
Girl eats a plate of cheese, then regrets it.

Cheese says I didn’t want to go like this.
From the stomach, ham shakes her hand
and says, neither did I, but it’s alright.
Cheese takes his hand, is it always so dark.
Ham nods, but it’s getting brighter.

Cheese asks have you used that line on other cheeses.
Ham says none as pretty as you.
Cheese blushes and is glad for the darkness
She holds his hand, maybe I did want to go like this.
Ham blushes and is glad for her hand, maybe I did too.

Published by: in Poetry, Volume 69: Issue 1

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