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Micro Tyrannus

Parke Haskell '15

Oedipus should have had a hobby.
It couldn’t have hurt. Seashell collections,
glow-in-the-dark lanyard-building, prophecy appreciation.
You have to keep yourself from realizing
your full potential for as long as
possible, if not indefinitely.  Running on air,
Nike hit the ground unfashionably
late, 3 inches too close to the Gods.  Imagine this
in heels.  A kitten also has a destiny – it cries out
on the Youtube as it, too, meets its maker,
Lou Boutin, size unknown.  Women search with nets
for self-realized pussy; it’s dangerous work.
Monostat 1, Monostat 5, Monostat 3000.
The most terrifying female specimen is one
menstruating, we all know this, particularly the ones
swimming in the word, and there’s a reason why
no female President exists to date,
as what woman who can rock a blazer in her right mind
would want Zeus on her head for a period.
“Human, All Too Human,” Nietzsche said, as if
there was something behind that
beard, something to spell, or just a man
in a mask, like the duos and trios of Sophocles,
too in character to play anything
but jacks, too frightened to act.

Published by: in Issue 1: Fall 2013, Poetry, Volume 70

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