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New Revelations on Euphrates

Crystal Barrick '11

And now, a shrinking river.

O, on the bank of the birthplace
of civilization, we turn around and we

are salt, are surrounded by
mounds of salt, excavated

from waves, from our desires—

piled, hollowed out; we
are tired. But we are unashamed.

Disregarding drought, we muscled
in crops, canals. With hard and heavy

hands we chased away
farmers, fishermen, other allusions

to God: We did this, needing.
We did this, knowing

when our Euphrates runs dry,
so will our burdens—

so was the revelation,
so is the Word.

We look up now

from our work, mouthing
prayers for smoke and trumpet sound,

for locusts like horses,
like women, like lions.

He who has no ear,
let Him hear our Spirit—

Loosen our angels!
We cry as we have tried

to pry them from
the calloused banks ourselves,

and failed.

Published by: in Poetry, Volume 66, Volume 66: Issue 1

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