December 2012 - Comments Off on Nothing is Funny

Nothing is Funny

Julia Mounsey '13

This is true: sometimes
I wake up spitting.

Not just drooling or
sputtering, but spitting,

like you’d spit into a sink.

There’s nothing funny about it. Sometimes
there’s quite a bit of kick behind it, and

a big glob flies out and
slaps against the wall

and it’s not the spitting that wakes me,
but the sound of it hitting the wall.

My whole life I’ve always fallen
asleep facing the wall, but

the whole spitting thing has
made me consider new options.

If I fall asleep facing the door, my spit
will fall over the edge of the bed.

It will fall onto the floor.

Then at least it won’t be
stuck there to the wall

staring at me all night.

Published by: in Poetry, Volume 69: Issue 1

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