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nyoka the jungle girl

Mary Alice Stewart '17

nyoka the jungle girl
retired to a house on the coast of maine,
somewhere on the border between
camden and rockport.
(fifty years earlier,
nyoka the jungle girl searched for the
golden tablets of hippocrates and
sought to avenge her father’s unjust death
[for he was murdered by his own twin brother].
nyoka the jungle girl had adventures
in the heart of africa for fifteen episodes.)
nyoka the jungle girl smoked and
had falling, tan skin
that was dried up,
like christmas wreaths left up until spring.
her house was guarded with granite statues
and had orange lights on the porch that
would be lit when there were guests.
nyoka the jungle girl dreamt in shades of green
and often woke late at night to stare
at an old movie poster of a beautiful woman
in tight khakis and red lipstick.
nyoka the jungle girl read
starring frances
over and over
until the words became merely lines.
this is how easy it is to destroy.

Published by: in Issue 1: Fall 2013, Poetry, Volume 70

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