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Three Properties of the Radish

Catherine Pikula '13


Dreaming of red again: radishes, unwashed,
and hands too rough. Soil no longer washes
off properly but has begun to embed
in life lines and knuckles like so many
birthmarks blooming, at first unnoticed.
Push the radishes in a wheelbarrow,
uphill to the kitchen for rinsing.


At breakfast ask Bly,
what are radishes good for?
He says they cure kidney stones,
flush the liver and gallbladder.
Wonder what sense this makes
of the dream. He says, that it depends
on the color of the wheelbarrow.


The seeds were heirloom, radishes
would be white, mild in flavor when made
into juice. Dig three inch holes
with a trowel next to the greenhouse,
squeeze saplings from plastic planters,
and place them in beds, nestled with hay --
to keep the weeds down.

Catherine Pikula studies literature and philosophy.

Published by: in Poetry, Volume 68

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