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To Lethe,

Catherine Pikula '13

To be is to be perceived. I can’t see You,
but how do You see? What are Your eyes like?

Are they king sized white sheets? Or blue or red
oak trees? Plaster walls or clouds or steel beams?

From above and from below, You enter us
in dreams, we forget what

Your body is like. Fire, water, air, and soil.
You must have many faces, flowers

of every color hanging from Your chins.
Every river must flow from Your hearts.

Do You love everything You make?
Even the blob fish? Why did You make it

look like a giant loogie? Was that a mistake?
Or giant water bugs? Why did you create

for them digestive salvia to inject
into their prey? They can suck out

the insides. It is terrifying. Death
must feel like that, You sucking

out our insides. And birth must feel
like the Big Bang; You create love.

You must be love. It is terrifying.
You must have the largest genitals,

male and female. I create you in this image
because You create me in Your own.

Published by: in Poetry, Volume 69: Issue 1

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