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Tommy Melvin

The Telephone Pole

Am I reaching.
Is this call connecting.
Are you free right now.
Am I reaching out.
Would you like to go sometime out.
Do you like poles for telephones.
Am I reaching sometime out.
Would you like for me to wear a red dress.
Would you like to play a game of battleship.
Sometime would you like to get Italian.
Is your battleship located at coordinate A-28.
Are your wires long.
At what time will I receive your battleship.
Are your wires long and hard.
Do also you like often to touch a tree.
And do also you watch at night.
Do also you watch the corn and the wind.
Do your wires trail off into the corn.
Into the night do they trail off.
Are you there.
Are you there into the night trailing off.
Do you also feel then that something real is this.
Have never you loved anyone like me.
Did I hit your battleship.
Do you dream like I dream.
Are your wires long and hard.
Did I hit your battleship.
And do you know the way to home.
Could I ever sing one song
that doesn’t sound like sinking.

6am on the hill

God at the top of His
blessed new day hops
up on His dawn
mower and prunes
the clouds to make
way for sun My god
I say, marveling He
chuckles obligingly She
passes me the lighter It
gets hot as the rain
begins to fall like a grass
wind or an itchy salt
bath of follicles I don’t know
the right way to praise
this world High on the hill
I shout Sorry
God I knew a

Published by: in Issue 1: Fall 2014, Poetry, Volume 71

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