December 2012 - Comments Off on Trench


Julia Mounsey '13

We are going to war. We
are going to war, we are.

I put on my angry skirt!

I make sure that I am
soft enough, swollen
enough to rupture.

I make sure to rupture long
so that you get your nutrition.

That’s what I’m doing right now!

My nipples are dilating because
I am so excited for the war.

I can’t wait to dive head
first into the trench.

That’s what I’m doing now
and that’s what I just did!

When I dove head first
into the trench my skirt
flew up over my hips.

My angry underwear was
everywhere in the mud
and everything, I know

he saw!

We are at war now, we are.
Is it what you imagined? What I?

I am at the vanity table.
I am at the ready.

You are in the mud in
a sweetblood membrane.

My underwear is bunched angry
in your fist. You’re clutching it
like it’s going to save you.

Published by: in Poetry, Volume 69: Issue 1

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